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For thousands of years, Earth has been shut off from the rest of the Aza Universe.  It is safe to say that the people of Aza have no clue about what has been happening on Earth.  Therefore super-genius superhero Ixchel, has taken it upon herself to update the Aza Universe database with incredible women of history.  From Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Tina Turner, she will be posting her database entries every week on the Aza Comics Youtube and Instagram channels.  

Have suggestions on who she should include in her database entries?  Let us know in the comment section on social media.

100 years of women's history in 5 minutes

To get a jumpstart, Ixchel covered 100 years of women’s history in five minutes! The video starts with women’s suffrage in the 1920s and goes through an impressive collage of videos and images of influential women of the past 100 years set to Benny Goodman’s popular tune, “Sing Sing Sing”.  Check it out and see how many women you can name!

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