Fenna's Theme
By: The Arranger


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Fight Skills 99 %
Deadly Fashion Accessories 100 %
Flirt 100 %
Lie Detection 100 %
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This British-super-vixen-fashionista has the power to regenerate while also possessing the power of empathy. Her ability to manipulate people’s emotions has proven to be quite useful and hilarious at times.  She considers herself more of a lover than a fighter but has no problem kicking butt when necessary.  She is from Realm 4 which is comparable to the continent of Europe on Earth.

Residence: London, England
Age: 22
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5’9″ (6’2″ in stilettos)
Skills:  Diffusing situations and creating distractions
Weapon of Choice: Retractable stilettos
Powers:  Empathetic ability to sense other people’s emotions and influence their emotions; Super healing.

Background: Born in Realm 4, she came to earth with her parents and originally settled in Manchester, England.  When she was 11 years old her father moved the family to London and she’s lived there since.  
Occupation: Fashion designer and owns a successful clothing line
Motto: “Just because I kick butt on a regular basis doesn’t mean I can’t look good doing it.”

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