Ixchel's Theme
By: The Arranger


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prankster 99 %
shyness 100 %
Compassionate 100 %
Assertiveness 47 %
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Raised in Bogotá, Colombia this shy super-genius has the power to manipulate electricity. She is the youngest and the heart and soul of the keepers.  She received her Ph.D. in Genetics and an MD by the time she was 19 and serves as the team doctor.  She’s tech-savvy and an experienced hacker having once hacked the bank accounts of several corrupt politicians, exposing them for corruption and embezzlement.  Ixchel is from Real 5 which is comparable to Latin America on Earth.

Residence: Bogotá, Colombia
Age: 20
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown (Blue on occasion)
Height: 5’6″
Skills: Technology, medicine, explosive expert, a computer hacker
Weapon of Choice: Her super suit
Powers:  Superbrain, electrical skin, can manipulate electrical energy
Background:  Originally born in Guatemala, her mother came to earth while pregnant with her after her father was killed by supervillain Kiran.  At 3 years old, a devastating mudslide destroyed her town and her family moved to Colombia.  Raised by her mother and family of Guardians, she is secretly in love with her best friend Zachary; received her MD and PhD in genetics by the time she was 19
Occupation: Geneticist, researcher, professor
Motto: “I always prefer brains over beauty.”

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