aza Universe History

Over 10,000 years ago there was a great war that ravaged all the realms of the entire universe. In one of the realms there was one planet that was able to sustain life.  This planet only had very few inhabitants and was completely removed from the war.  The people of the planet didn’t even know there was a war taking place.  

Many of the people from the other realms saw this planet as an opportunity to escape the war and start a new life.  When they arrived they shut down all the transport stations so no one could leave and no one could come to the planet and potentially harm them.  These people were nomadic and eventually spread out to its many continents and populated the planet.  The inhabitants of this planet called their new home, Earth.

The Realms of the aza universe

The Aza universe consists of 7 different realms with infinite planets within each realm.

  • Realm 1 (Oldest realm), also known as the Pangeatic Africus realm, is similar to the continent of Africa.
  • Realm 2, also known as the Arabiatic Realm, is similar to the Middle east and south east Asia.
  • Realm 3, also known as the Asiatic Realm, is similar to the continent of Asia.
  • Realm 4, Also known as the Europeatic Realm, is similar to the continent of Europe.
  • Realm 5, also known as the Indigeneatic Realm, is similar to North and South America pre-colonialism as well as other similar regions of earth.
  • Realm 6, also known as the Milky Way, is where earth is located and is the only planet in this realm that is able to sustain life.
  • Realm 7, is a prison realm with many planets where the most evil of criminals are sent.  The worst planet in this ream is called Haulo where few have committed a crime to terrible as to be sent there.

Who are The Keepers?

The Keeper(s), also known as The Askari, was originally one person selected at birth or earlier by the Gods to protect the Aza Universe from dangerous threats that would throw off the balance of good and evil.  This person was also given enhanced abilities to aid them in their missions.  Unfortunately, over the years The Askari became corrupt and began terrorizing the people of Aza to the point that they are no longer trusted to aid and protect.

The symbol of aza

According to legend, The symbol of Aza was created by the Gods and was intended to be used by the Askari (The Keepers) as a symbol of protection and safety for the citizens of Aza.  It was meant to indicate that the universe was safe from harm.  The symbol has not been seen for many thousands of years until now.  Could something be brewing in the Aza Universe?  What are the Gods up to?  Find out in The Keepers: Origins.

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